WebCorpCo is a digital advertising aggregator that brings together the top industry leading platforms under one roof. Aside from the convenience of having your entire marketing stack accessible in one interface, WebCorpCo allows you to leverage data across all platforms to make informed decisions and adjustments to your marketing campaigns.

Everything is completely automated once your accounts have all been connected to WebCorpCo via API. Marketing Campaigns are automatically generated, sales emails, customer retention emails, and custom landing pages are generated based on site content using natural language processing to create relevant marketing content and distribute it across multiple channels.

Designs are automatically created to both mimic and improve your existing designs and dynamically A/B tests various designs and layouts until finding the ones with the highest engagement and conversion rate.

Programming not required. WebCorpCo enables marketers to manage their entire stack in one place without needing the ability to program as all code is automatically written by webcorpco.

WebCorpCo offers state of the art support and training to enable users to make the most out of the platform and learn all of the functionality under the hood. Support is available globally 24/7, 365 days a year. Training can be "as requested" although there are regular webinars and training courses offered on our website.

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